The Celay Inlay/Onlay

From the patient's point of view, aesthetics and biocompatibility are good reasons for choosing ceramic inlays and onlays.

From a clinical point of view, their properties are excellent for marginal accuracy and stability, radiopacity and their homogeneous, plaque-resistant surface are of great benefit.


The CELAY system allows even complex inlays and onlays to be produced. There are virtually no limitations regarding the preparation of ceramic inlays/onlays - as long as the preparation design for ceramic restorations is adhered to, i.e. no feather edges, rounded inner angles and a minimum material thickness for the ceramic.


The feldspar ceramic blocks are industrially manufactured, this has resulted in achieving a homogeneous, high-strength material. The wear characteristics of the CELAY inlays and onlays made from these fine particle ceramic blocks are similar to those of natural tooth enamel. Long-term clinical experience with the material proves there is no wear to opposing dentition.